Künstlerisch Gestalterische Grundlagen,Textil- und Flächendesign

Zombody: Face in the Jar/ Shadow chair

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  • There are so many perspective of discrimination in Face reading Study. It imposes a social role. as a woman or a man. _1. You could see and read yourself, give a answer for your self as well. putting out yourself from small Jar. see yourself without deformation. _2. The shadow might be your other self. It coould be another mirror that looks at your self. Feel closer to shadow chair.
    Tynne Claudia Pollmann, Victoria Götz, Paul Ohnersorgen, Haemin Jung, Yan Chmarau, Franka Ilg, Diana Roemer Duque, Julia Rogosin, Antonia Leonie Steinbrink, Jelisa Weber
    Tynne Claudia Pollmann
    Künstlerisch Gestalterische Grundlagen Textil- und Flächendesign
    Anatomie artistic research Body image Bühne empowerment geteilte Autor*innenschaften Gruppenprojekt installation Kollaboration Kooperation Morphologie Olfaktorik Partizipation Rhizom selbstbestimmtes Lernen Sensorik Sinne zombody
    Übergeordnetes Projekt
    Vertiefungskurs Anatomie und Morphologie (zombody)
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